Who We Are, Group, Quality Policy, Strategic Pillars, Our History

Who we are

AMI – Transport technologies, SA. It has been there since 1989 and is currently located in Braga, dedicating itself to the development, marketing, installation and technical assistance of automatic systems of management and control.

Since very early, AMI-TT has directed its activity towards the development of information management software, primarily for terrestrial transport networks. In this context, AMI-TT has been enriching its history, identifying the automation needs underlying this business and the benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness that computer systems entail for this sector of activity.

To strengthen its competitiveness and market positioning, AMI-TT has produced several solutions in the last years, at the hardware and software level, specializing in the development of management software for the road transport sector of Passengers.

In addition to having enriched its own product portfolio with new in-house developed software applications, it also bet on hardware devices recently designed in partnership with external entities belonging to the system National Science and Technology. The result of this last bet, AMI-TT has won several public competitions, for the supply of hundreds of onboard machines (DATACAR).

On the other hand, AMI-TT has the pretension to diversify its market by entering the goods and hazardous transport sectors.

In addition, the company is on a permanent basis, and on an exclusive basis, a technical assistance team and customer support. This team responds to all kinds of requests for support, both in hardware and in software, also performing preventive maintenance actions.

There is also an R & D nucleus (Research & Development) with the aim of strengthening the bet on the design of new solutions and improving existing ones in the company’s portfolio, always keeping in mind continuous improvement and permanent attention to Customers ‘ needs.

The formal constitution of the Product Development department allows AMI TT to continue its strategy of expanding its own products, either through partnerships or through internal resources. In the first scenario, which applies more to hardware development, the availability of internal competencies has allowed to assimilate the know-how produced more easily and quickly. In the second scenario, more directly linked to software development, the availability of human resources fully and exclusively to the activity, allows a more professional process, controlled, and less susceptible to large deviations in the face of Planned.

AMI-TT has developed over the course of these 25 years a working relationship and, above all, trust with its clients. This is mainly due to the assimilation of needs and their great dedication to the world of transport that is sometimes so complex and difficult to understand. In addition, its solutions have a low cost of maintenance and evolution.

Currently, AMI-TT is highly committed to providing key-to-hand solutions, based on the area of ticketing and information at the interurban, suburban and urban transport level.


 AMI-transport technology (AMI-TT) is part of a group of three companies, distributed by Portugal, Spain, and France.

AMI-TT is the parent company and is located in Braga, Portugal.

To see more information, visit the contactsThe DATACAR Technologies du Transport has its office on Isle Sur La Sorgue in France. To learn more about it, see the French version of our website.

Quality Policy

“The administration of AMI-Technologies for transport, S.A. has a policy based on its mission, assuming it with its clients, employees, suppliers, and society when declaring that:
Our mission is to highlight ourselves in the market of ticketing systems by exceeding, in a continuous way, the expectations of our customers, employees, and suppliers.

Listening to customers and satisfying their needs
Maintaining a vision of innovation based on improvement continues because we believe that this is the guarantor of sustained growth
Encouraging the creative and critical involvement of all employees in a constructive way. ”
The policy is re-evaluated with the evolution of market requests to promote the value of our solutions, continuous improvement of the Organization’s performance and compliance with contractual, regulatory and legal requirements.

Strategic Pillars

The strategic action of Ami-TT is based on the following strategic pillars:

Acquiring and maintaining customer confidence
Ensure sustained growth
Increased competitiveness of AMI solutions
Increased efficiency

Our history

AMI-TT is certified in quality. We started our activity on 30 May 1989, in Póvoa de Lanhoso, with the social name AMI-commerce of computer equipment, Lda.

2003 – We present to the market the DATACAR System solution.

2004 – Uploaded to market a new DATACAR System solution.

2007 – We diversified the offer with DATACAR Connect.

2008 – The company altered the social pact, passing the anonymous company and adopting the name: AMI-Technologies for transport, S.A.

2009 – Arise DATACAR MMI.

2012 –  It’s the year the DATA CAR TUBE is born.

Our offer in the embedded information area was consolidated in 2014 with the launch of the MMIV.

In 2015, the evolution of the DATACAR place V4 software was presented for the DATACAR place V5 (Front Office).

In this same year, there is a new concept of transport title, the currency card.

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Investment projects

Project SI qualification SME No. 888 project in progress from 01-05-2008 to 30-04-2011.

Qualification in the dynamic factors of the competitiveness and internationalization of AMI.

Implementation of actions around the dynamic factors of competitiveness with a view to better performance and responsiveness to the dynamics and requirements of the external markets.

Funder Program
The system of incentives for the qualification and internationalization of SMEs.

Global Investment
673.573,00 €

Approved incentive
239.935,05 €

Project SI RTD Individual No. 1480 project in progress from 01-02-2008 to 30-06-2010.

Development of a remote fleet management system.

Financing program
The incentive system for research and technological development.

Global Investment
348.255,85 €

Incentive approved
159.884,27 €