The amiCMUT is a multifunctional and modular management platform that provides services for the mobility and public transport sector, focused on operation planning and passenger information.

Provides public transport operators with intelligent tools that facilitate optimal route planning, allocation and management of resources; management information and statistics in real time; and for users/passenger provides real-time information, tools for travel planning, travel tracking and dematerialized ticketing, etc…

  • Multi-functional and modular system: Operational management module and user/passenger module with multi-modal travel planning
  • Works in Real-time
  • Multi-company
  • With profile and user access management
  • operational features:
    • Automatic planning based on critical parameters
    • Georeferenced graphic representation of the planning and operation network
    • Optimization of routes, human resources, vehicles, etc…
    • Creation of the “Work Plan” for a given period (Weekly / Monthly, etc…), automatically commit drivers and vehicles affecting them to services (schedules and routes)
    • Presentation of recommendation for strengthening circulations whose capacity is overloaded
    • Real time monitoring of different variables associated with the current operation and throughout the day of service: By line, stop, bus, etc…
    • Reports of information on operating data: supply, services, human resources, fleet, demand, operating costs, revenues
    • Message management to and from drivers
    • Interfaces for importing data from other systems and modules
  • User/passenger module:
    • Smartphone app
    • Multimodal travel scheduler
    • Recommendation, through the destination point, of the best alternatives to get there
    • Calculation of travel costs, with estimated duration, according to a certain objective: cost, time, arrival time, etc…
    • Information necessary for a user to track a trip in real time, including the position of the vehicles, the expected time of arrival, travel delays (allowing the generation of alerts)
    • Guidance between stops for transshipment users
    • Follow-up and indication of the path, in real time, to the next stop
    • Real-time public transport route view
    • Indication, in real time and with updating, the remaining time until the arrival of the transport to the next stops to the destination
    • Dematerialized ticketing
    • Information’s availability, maintenance and updating related to lines, schedules, frequencies, ticketing system, tariff and other related information
    • Provide notice of delays and change of services

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