The amiGATEWAY mobile unit is an innovative fleet management system that allows you to permanently locate and monitor all vehicles in your company. You can, from any location and at every moment, know the activity that is being developed in each of the vehicles.

The amiGATEWAY solution integrates a receiver of the Global Positioning System (GPS), a communication module (GSM and GPRS), computational capacity (ARM9; RISC PROCESSOR), storage (MMC, SDCARD, COMPACT FLASH, or others) and multiple connections for bi-directional transfer of information in an easy and fast way with other systems (TCP/IP, USB, I/Os, RS232, CAN, 12c).

To equip the system with the perception of the environment that surrounds it has a wide group of sensors such as temperature, humidity, accelerometer, door opening, fuel level among many others (optional).

All the information collected in the vehicle is transmitted to a server through the GPRS module for later production of reports and triggering of alarms.

Through an Internet connection, using a Web browser, any authorized user has only to access the control center (, log in and consult a wide and varied information available.

Situations that should trigger an alarm, such as the vehicle exit from a particular geographical area, excessive speed, intrusion, and others are defined.

If these circumstances are found, they will send an alert via email or SMS to the intended recipients, thus increasing the possibility of a timely reaction.

The unit can be used in isolation as a solution for fleet management by conducting state communication, position, vehicle speed, or locator, associated with other optional peripherals to enable the interaction of the unit with the user, such as connecting to a TFT monitor (via VGA mode), card readers (barcode or RFID), keyboards and many others, allowing applications such as: Driver authentication, intrusion alarm or ignition, security peripheral activation, such as ignition inhibition or audible alarms.

Working in conjunction with the DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO machine, it is essentially responsible for: stopping detection, communication with the data center of any information update (speed, position, passenger number on board, current stop, balance of Driver, etc…), System time adjustment, software update, supply files, calculation of distance travelled on each line, calculation of the distance and estimated time to reach the next stop, among others.

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