Limit the amount of the investment
The ticketing of your company is managed by AMI-TT’s computers. Your investment is limited to the material shipped and the point (s) of sale. The accommodation is invoiced by AMI-TT in the form of an annual rental.

Benefit from a ‘ key in hand ‘ service
You can manage your sales and the stockings of the drivers ‘ boxes live. You can inform AMI-TT of your company’s evolutions (new itineraries, new tariffs, etc…) and AMI-TTtakes care of the upgrades of the machines. AMI-TT communicates to you every month the pre-defined statistics and technical and financial analyses.

Progressively imply your team
The accommodation, for two or more years, allows you to familiarize yourself with the system, eventually to achieve the desired adjustments, before deciding to invest in the most complete solution.


The network vehicles are equipped with a new device. Thus, the habits of drivers and customers must also evolve: it becomes essential to have a great availability within your team.
On an existing hardware, we put all the selling software and accountability. Thus, your company can promote and privilege contacts with its customers.
The technical functions are previously implemented in AMI-TT that provides you with a “key in hand” service.

The system programs are implemented in AMI-TT and maintenance is guaranteed by us. You communicate to us on the Internet the new data and we implement the application in the day and time you want.
The content of your monthly statistic is automatically communicated within the defined forms.

The amount of your initial investment is reduced between 20 / 30% (depending on the size of your park).
The provision of accommodation is invoiced in each quarter for a small amount and allows you to avoid having to mobilize the agents of exploitation to ensure the work that we do for you.
The embedded equipment is directly connected to our operating center which manages all communications with the vehicle park.

Investment to be made in software
A machine and a GPRS or WI-FI device in each vehicle;
WI-FI in the park (option);
A sales station (a printer and a machine to encode the Non-contact titles);
An accessible Internet connection from the commercial service computer.

Investment to be made in material
Two small programs to install on the commercial service computer. (Management of sales and treasury management of the drivers ‘ boxes).

Storage of the database on a central server equipped with a dual security system;
Providing a specialized program to manage all devices;
Parameterization of the program according to your company’s specifications;
Management of communications and their information between the central unit and the vehicle park;
Definition of monthly statistical maps;
Highly qualified personnel to support you on a daily basis.

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