The DATACAR Kit solution was designed by AMI-TT to allow companies, with the need to equip a park less than 25 vehicles, to access the ticketing equipment in a simple, fast and economical way.

Simple access to ticketing

The DATACAR Kit consists of a pre-programmed base equipment that is optimized for any urban or long-distance network. A DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO machine, a amiGateway transmitter/receiver (GPRS or Wi-Fi) inside the vehicle, a Wi-Fi transmitter/receiver and a central unit equipped with accountability software.

The program is set up from source with the usual operating standards of all major tariff ranges in use within medium-sized networks, only missing to indicate the current tariffs of your network.

Quick access to ticketing
The limited number of vehicles to equip and the standardization of the program allow a very fast installation coinciding with the deadline that the company needs to receive this new equipment (vehicle wiring, staff training, etc.).

Economic access to ticketing
The uniformization of the equipment and the software allows AMI-TT to practice a reduced price for the solution, avoiding the implementation costs that are usually very high for small businesses.

DATACAR Kit is available for companies up to 25 buses

DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO Machine, on each bus, according to one of the three proposed versions, (without full contact, no contact, and barcode or without contact and printing of tickets)

GPRS or Wi-Fi transmitter on each bus.

Wi-Fi unit in the Park/office (only in the case of Wi-Fi on the bus).

A central unit in the office, equipped with the program of customization and statistical management simplified version).

Mono company management capacity.

Initial system parameterization: Description of the lines, stops, schedules, tariffs in force, as well as the rules of links.

Formation of 4 people: 2 for the management of the system and 2 people for the training of drivers.

Three-versions of DATACAR Kit

DATACAR Kit is proposed in three versions according to the shipping titles you want to use in the company:

“No-integrated Contact” – If the companies served only use this type of cards, even for low-use securities.

“No-contact and barcode” – The optimal in urban and distance: The barcode ensures the management of the correspondence for the Unit titles, short duration or validity. Text enrollment of barcode content for better control.

“No-contact and traditional paper tickets” – Issuance of traditional long-distance tickets and use of Sem-Contacto cards for social and school passes.

Kit ready to manage the tariff of different companies
Ideal for the lines that work on various networks in correspondence, on the charter lines, and for the long-distance companies.

Kit programmed to accept all classic tariff ranges
Single fare ticket, unit ticket according to mileage, “reduced tariff” ticket (reduction rate to be set), Multi-trip card with various tariffs, monthly pass (normal, reduced, school…) Date to date or 30 days in a row, spend 7 days Followed (normal, reduced…) Card 1, 2 or 3 days…

The kit that produces optimized monthly statistical maps
Each month the company automatically has the essential maps.
Billing volume tables each month with progressive fill and graphic illustration:

Sales (in number of securities) and revenue (in Euros) by type of title;
The monthly frequency of the entire company (on valid trips) by title;
The monthly frequency of the entire network (on valid trips) by lines and by type of titles;
Travel in correspondence using companies in a consortium, grouped two to two (between A and B, between B and C…) by titles, for one month selected, the frequency per line and by type of titles.

A kit that includes the installation and training required for the company
The DATACAR Kitincludes the delivery of all the necessary documentation for the use of the material and the programs provided.
Also includes the formation of 2 people of the company for the operation of the global System (parameters, statistical outputs, current maintenance…) and 2 persons for the training of the drivers for the manipulation of the machines.
The initial installation is ensured jointly by the company’s officers and an AMI-TT technician through the parameterized forms provided.

For simplicity, choose the DATACAR Remote version
Our DATACAR Remote version allows companies to purchase only the embedded equipment and equipment from the selling point (s). The Central computing Unit, the other part of the programme and the operation of the system are insured by the AMI-TT through an annual lease. In this configuration, the company receives its “key in hand” results, thereby limiting the allocation of human resources.

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