The amiOFFICE application has two distinct features enabling the global front office management: Sales points (ticket office) and account payments.

The point of sale characterized to allow:
The sale of tickets, purchased, passes (vignettes) and despatches for various types of careers (normal, fast and express);
The customization, sale and reload of Non-contact securities through the use of specific hardware (card printer and DATACAR encoding unit);
The daily offer is calculated automatically based on the tables of holidays, frequency and validity co-exist two offers (including price tables, schedules, etc.);
The advance sale up to a maximum of 30 days;
20 different tariffs, for each u,ser are defined the tariffs that he or she may not sell;
The issuance of round-trip tickets with/without place marking and with/without return validity;
The consultation and issue of schedules;
The occupation consultation for a certain time;
If the ticket office sells titles to several companies, it can be customized so that the software, at the time of printing the tickets, will print according to a specific layout and credit the revenue in the company of the time of the ticket in question. In the accounts it will also leave the revenue separated by companies;
Sell a ticket, two tickets with the automatic allocation of a number of consecutive places (in case it is a car with places marked) and still 3.4 or more tickets of several tariffs with one operation.

It can be done at any time of the day and the number of times it is intended. The recipe comes out subdivided by ticket type (fast, normal, express, vignettes, purchased and dispatches). Within each type of ticket it makes the division by dates and VAT;
It is a sequentially numbered document so that accounting can check if any are missing;

The issuance of the “cash log”, which contains the ratio of all liquidations;
Booking tickets for an agency (voucher), bookings by SMS, purchase of tickets on the Internet, reservation for a particular customer and marking a place with the indication of the number of the manual ticket, being assigned a unique name for identification of the reservation/marking;
Block of places: private of places can be made to agents, that is, we can block certain places for an agent/client, thus preventing their sale at the ticket office;
Emission of the cargo sheet: The number of passengers is indicated for each destination and in the case of a connection, it indicates which of the passengers for transshipment;
Generate, monthly, files in various formats (TXT, XLS, pdf) with the sales data of the month for statistical treatment.

All information from this module is automatically integrated with the DATACAR Compact (ticket sales) allowing the global analysis in the reporting section.
The hardware required to operate is a common computer, a thermal roller printer, and an Internet connection.

This configuration allows the receipt of the money and documents related to the sales made by the drivers.

Additionally, the features of the amiOFFICE can be disseminated by several contact points with the existing public on the network:

Kiosks – Fixed points with Internet access (EX: Ticket offices, agents);
Self-service Machines (amiOFFICE) – Automatic points with Internet access (Ex: Agents);
Onboard buses (DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO) – White, black and green list.

The receipt of accounts can take place in 2 possible configurations:
Kiosks – Fixed points with internet access (e.g. boxes, box office);
Self-service Machines (DATACAR Pratic) – Automatic points with Internet access (e.g. driver’s Lounge).

DATACAR Solutions seek the utmost convenience and functionality of the workstation, optimizing space:
If there is already a PC at the sales station the coding Unit (12.5 x 6.5 cm) will be the only supplementary object;
If there is no PC at the sales station and we have a reduced physical space, a DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO machine can even replace the PC;
All the software has been designed and implemented so that it has a high operationality for all types of users.

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