Available in any part of the world, the site receives and stores all the information that comes from the putter amiGateway equipment

Thus, at any time and any location operators can consult the status of all their vehicles (the entire network or a certain operating area). With the data transmitted from minute to minute (interval defined by company), it is possible to know the geographical location, date, time, instantaneous speed, driver, type of service (career, empty, rental, workshop, other), line, time, direction, Number of passengers on board, last stop detected, bus fleet, DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO and amiGateway machine installed, versions of the DATACAR Reflex / amiNEO machine software and GPS and lastly the version of the offer currently available in each car.

All this information is stored over time, allowing the operator to isolate a car and have several queries on it whenever necessary. Examples are: What route did the car make during a certain period, what number of passengers it had at a certain stop X if it went out of its predefined route,…

The site has a Back Office that can be uploaded online, or else through a utility present in the DATACAR Compact that integrates the database with that of the site. In this way all information of stops, lines, schedules, drivers, cars, etc., is available online to better understand the positioning of the vehicle and its current work situation.

The proposed product is intended for the control and location of vehicles, allowing you to know with maximum accuracy all the daily activity, working time and location of them, through a GPS/GPRS unit installed in each car connected to the Internet (the Internet allows multiple users at the same time in any part of the world).

Allows for a proven cost reduction;
Discipline and accountability/worker conductor;
Denounces the lack of punctuality of schedules;
Confirms work performed (Day/time and time of stay on site);
Informs the use of the working time of the worker and the vehicle;
justifies overtime;
Help in the distribution of work;
Enhanced the performance;
Inhibits the use of the vehicle outside of working hours and on weekends;
Reduces fuel consumption and workshop costs;
Avoid planned route deviations.

Route affected with location indication, start time and end of service time;
Stop locations with location indication of the time and stop time;
Kilometers traveled in each service;
Placement of landmarks (points of interest) where the customer can create and identify the various sites in a personalized way, for a faster and more practical analysis of the stopping sites of his vehicle, e.g.: Company headquarters, customers visited, cargo warehouses or Discharge, driver’s house, restaurant, fuel supply pumps, etc. (This identification created supersedes any address on the map that may be altered or withdrawn at any time).

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