In addition to the basics in terms of transport management, DATACAR Compact reveals a vertical solution, which takes into account all the crucial points of the management of each company.

In addition to the construction and planning of the whole supply, it is also possible in statistical terms to build and obtain information of sale, use and cost control of a whole company or of several companies.

With this tool so powerful and flexible, we can build and plan all the offer from the definition of the stop, to the construction of plates. As a growing application, such important features such as scale building, forecasting and budgeting will soon be available (as optional/extras). All type of planning, whether commercial or operational, is carried out in a single application/database and then automatically made available for all machines, sales posts, intranet, and the Internet.

Fully developed in Windows environment, it has a nice and current interface. Like all other components of the DATACAR System, it has a very intuitive and easy-to-operate use.


This module performs the maintenance of general tables of the whole application as companies, holidays, referencing the stops, municipalities, parishes…

It has a subdivision in commercial planning and operational planning. The first most targeted to the economic part, such as the management of tariff tables and the type of tariffs in the company. And the second used for the construction of the operation, lines, schedules, plates…

It constitutes the component of the information system responsible for the operational management of the company. Receiving as inputs the operational planning settings for the service plates, and on the basis of the available resources (drivers and vehicles) involves the escalation and control of the services to be carried out (either scheduled or planned or even e.g. rental contracts). Features such as service scales, inspections, claims, and claims will be made available here.

In collaboration with the Front Office, this module is in charge of managing some tables and the operation of the box module (optional), for example.
Pass Management (option).
Rental contract management (option).

Involving the processes (or Subprocesses) related to the way the company exploits the business: what type of transport services are available, what existing transport securities, how they are issued and validated, where and how they can be requested or acquired. It is therefore associated with a work of administrative management. Although the tasks involved may occur in different locations or geographical positions, an interconnection or integration of information and documents generated by the various sub-processes will always be underlying, in order to allow for a control More effective and centralized accounting.

Back Office management is the integrator component of the entire system. It is associated with data integration processes, collecting them from all points of the system with relevant information and relating to the sale and use of the transport securities (commercial offer component) and the transport services carried out (offer Operational). For example, confirmation of the validity of requirements for issuing second-hand passes to customers (Customer support services), control of the settlements and account payments of drivers and ticket…

Responsible for systematically grouping the information of efficiency, operational costs and revenue obtained by the services carried out, it shall make available all the reporting necessary for the evaluation of the performance of the company’s operational processes, Elaboration of studies and decision-making.
Cyclically the information provided in this module will allow for new process revaluations, and inputs for new planning decisions.

With the information provided by the reporting, this module aims to provide a tool capable of assisting planning in conducting the impact studies of changes that are intended to be introduced and the preparation of the forecast and budgeting maps, Thus promoting greater effectiveness and systematization of processes. The preparation of forecasting models, impact studies, and forecasting/budgeting are considered.

Module responsible for some parameterization of the application and also by menus of user creation and access levels for the application.

This component integrates DATACAR Compact and aims at issuing/controlling/managing occasional, specialized, group and sub-contract rentals, as well as issuing all necessary documents (budgets, contracts, rental guide, itinerary, expense notes, quality control sheets, etc.).

The rental management module allows us to launch all expenses related to the services so that later we can have a monthly statistical analysis. This and other inputs will allow the company to have an analysis with approximate values of the actual values (revenues/costs). Of the most important inputs we have, the possibility of controlling the effective driving time, Kms traveled, expenses effected.

Multi-Company component and with defined permission levels, where we determine which operations each operator can or cannot have access to. We can also generate Excel and PDF files, as well as send the documents by email in a transparent and quick way.

In addition to these features, the application also counts with several utilities: service schedule, view monthly occupancy, construction of auxiliary paths, maps of scales, graphics, etc.

Monthly occasional services (per customer, locality, car and driver);
Monthly regular services specialized (per customer, locality, car and driver);
Monthly associative services (per customer, locality, car and driver);
Monthly subcontracts;
Occupational map and rental scale.

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