Our history

AMI-TT is certified in quality. We started our activity on 30 May 1989, in Póvoa de Lanhoso, with the social name AMI – Comércio de Equipamentos de Informática, Lda., a company for quotas, developing and marketing applications for the management of services of Passenger transport.

2003 – We present to the market the solution DATACAR System, a product of ticketing for sale and validation of transport bonds on board, whose success determined an exponential growth with affirmation and image in the national market.

2004 – Uploaded to the market a new DATACAR System solution presented as an “onboard computer”, integrating a communication system with the “BackOffice”. The interface was then secured through a memory card with the ability to store data of 3000 onboard transactions (tickets, passes, purchased, baggage, etc.).

2007 – We diversified the offer with DATACAR Connect that allows for bidirectional continuous communication between the onboard equipment and the “BackOffice”, determining, through connection to the GSM/GPRS network and in conjunction with the GPS system, the exact position of the vehicle.

2008 – The company altered the social pact, passing the anonymous company and adopting the name: AMI – Tecnologias para Transportes, S.A.

2009 – The DATACAR MMI appears, which consists of the installation of information panels in real time, with the public and inside the buses, with information on the stops/advertising/useful information.

2012 –  It is the year that the DATACAR TUBE is born, which arises from the need to complement our offer with a product that allows validations at different points of the bus and with an equal efficacy of other equipment.

Our offer in the embedded information area was consolidated in 2014 with the launch of DATACAR MMIV. It is a solution following the DATACAR MMI that has all the potential of this and adds the possibility of videos, movies and dirty advertising management is effected through a web software with the management of playlists and calendars.

In 2015, the evolution of the DATACAR Place V4 software for the DATACAR Place V5 (FrontOffice) was presented, with a fully renovated image and providing new features such as customer management, photo editing, card printing, consulting History of the transport title, the sale of annexed products.

In the same year, a new concept of transport title, the currency card, which does not work with travel but with value/currency, is an alternative to the traditional purchased.