DATACAR MobileReflex

All in one

The DATACAR MobileReflex equipment is portable for sale and validation of transport titles, with a great mobility.

The DATACAR MobileReflex allows the sale of paper titles, the reading of barcodes for short-term securities, the validation, and reloading of non-contact transport titles, stop detection and hourly synchronization via GPS.

The DATACAR MobileReflex can be used for all type of transport without the need for installation of specified infrastructure on board.

Data synchronization can be performed via GSM/GPRS and/or WiFi.

DATACAR MobileReflex integrates a 2” Thermal printer, an MSR magnetic stripe reader, a contact or no contact payment player (option), an HF RFID reader, a 1d/imager 2d laser, camera, and also with Bluetooth, GPRS, and GPD.

This all-in-one mobile post is suitable for a sales post, mobile data processing, receipt printing and invoices, ticket sales and direct entry.

DATACAR Reflex features a bi-directional magnetic band reader, card reader with Chip and an RFID reader.

DATACAR MobileReflex has a Windows Mobile-based operating system with ease of installation of custom applications and access to an agency’s PC.

The device allows the handling of real-time information about customer documents, inventory, deliveries and much more without any restriction of time or place!

DATACAR MobileReflex features a 3.5-inch numeric/Qwerty touchscreen
It is a compact device and full of convenient handling functions with one hand. The large, 3.5-inch touchscreen allows you to capture a digital signature and the 2.0-megapixel camera helps you capture the images as proof of a condition and much more.

The 9 V. 3a Adapter. Serves as a power supply.

Power cable
This power cord connects to an adapter.

USB cable
This 24-pin USB data cable supports data transfer.

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