The DATACAR Reflex is a smart, multifunctional solution embedded within a fully integrated ticketing system.

True high-capacity board computer (hard drive up to 32 GB), it stores, manages and provides information corresponding to multiple companies.

The DATACAR Reflex registers and stores the history of all transactions carried out on board permanently up to a maximum of 5 years. It provides almost immediate data on the holding, both to the driver and to the controllers (calculation of the vehicle’s instantaneous load…).

It may be equipped with a non-contact reader (Type A, A + B, CALYPSO), barcode reader for the titles to the unit, and a thermal printer for issuing the paper tickets.

Ergonomics was particularly considered: keyboard with tilt, 34 tactile keys, high-speed thermal printer and its widescreen color facilitate the work of the driver; Tickets and Bond validators (non-contact, barcode) are easily accessible to passengers.

The DATACAR Reflex has 8 external connection ports that allow you to be connected with other embedded equipment that it can control directly or with which you can exchange information.

Simple and modulated according to the needs of companies:

They allow a simple description of the networks and tariffs managed by the machines;
Can ensure the daily management of transport securities-creation, recording of periodic payments (whitelist) and management of inhibitions (blacklist);
They automatically produce the predefined statistical tables and allow you to obtain other specific exploration data.

It is by far the safest technical solution, simple to implement and to use by the company and the passengers. The “Non-contact” can be used in the Multi-Company regime as Multi-Trip title, pass, weekly ticket, dairy or even time.

AdvantagesWinners of the Reflex swinger

The Non-contact titles
The DATACAR Reflex allows the sale, reloading and validation of these bonds on board.

The bar code titles (DATACAR innovation)
Ideal solution for low-use titles (round trip, diary, connection, etc.). The barcode is less costly than the magnetic bonds, more reliable (no degaussing) and more secure (no stock of valued titles on board the vehicles).

Aid for the embarked control
At any moment, the DATACAR Reflex is available to the inspection authority, the relationship of the passengers on board, the state of the revenue, or even give the whole relationship of the work done by the driver since he initiated the time that is being supervised.

The complete choice for storing and transmitting data
The performance of the DATACAR Reflex is great with the use of GPRS/3g technology (which allows the permanent exchange of information with the equipped vehicles) or WI-FI. In option, it can be considered the use of SD memory cards.

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