Ticketing, management and information for transport on a single platform

Ticketing, management and information for transport on a single platform


The putter system is divided into a wide range of products, this is made up of a Reflex, a Tube, a MobileReflex, a Check, a Connect, a Follow, a Place, a Compact and a MMIV.

See each product for more detailed information:


Reflex is a smart, multifunctional solution soaked into a fully integrated ticketing system.


The Tube is a none contact type transport head validator with an informative display.


The MobileReflex is an “all in one”: it is a laptop for sale and validation of transport bonds, with a great mobility.


Check presents itself as a set of simpler and more economical solutions. They can be proposed for companies that want to have readers with lower costs.


The Connect Mobile unit is an innovative fleet management system that allows you to permanently locate and monitor all vehicles in your company.


Follow is available in any part of the world. The site www.datacargps.eu receives and stores all the information that comes from the putter Connect equipment.


The DATACAR Place application covers two distinct features allowing the global management of the Front Office: Point of Sale (ticket office) and accountability.


The DATACAR COMPACT is a vertical solution, which takes into account all the crucial points of the management of each company.


The DATACAR MMIV is a Player equipment with attached LCD Monitor, provides information to users of the medium of public transport, tracking stations, workshops, offices of the companies, among others.

Our Services

AMI-TT provides and offers various types of services and support to its customers: support and maintenance; Kit; Remote; and Customer Support.


The Kit solution was designed by AMI to allow companies, with the need to equip a park less than 25 vehicles, to access the ticketing equipment in a simple, fast and economical way.


The ticketing of your company is managed by AMI’s computers. Your investment is limited to the material shipped and the point (s) of sale. The accommodation is invoiced by AMI in the form of an annual rental.


The Customer Support is an initiative of AMI-Transport technologies (AMI-TT) that has the intention of simplifying, via the web, the registration, consultation, and control of requests for support.

Main customers



AMI-TT supports the coming of transport in magazine to Braga, sponsoring the seminar on Contractualization that will be held on 22 March.

The DATACAR will be present again in Marseille to participate in the 26th National meeting of public transport. Visit us at the 44C Stand! The fair begins on October 10th and ends on October 12th!  

From 13 to 14 July the 11th meeting of the transports was held in the Museum of Carris in Lisbon, which had the thematic “more transport, more economy”.

AMI-TT strengthens its presence in Madrid (Spain) with the inclusion in its list of customers of the company Autocaress Beltrán, SA

AMI-TT wins a new contest in France for the supply of the ticketing solution for the company AggloBus Cavem in Frejús (Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur).

AMI-TT wins contest in France for the supply of ticketing solution for ALTO company.


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